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How to Use Information Validation

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In this article you will learn how to conduct a child’s information validation and the benefits it can provide for your center. This quick and easy feature helps keep all your children’s profiles up to date without you having to track down parents and keeping notes. You will send out an email to the families through Seer and they can fill out and update any information on the child’s profile, perfect for a new child in your center or the beginning of a new school year where you want updated information. Seer even offers an option on mass child info validation. You can quickly have all children in your center have a request sent to their families to update their information.


In this article you will learn about the following:

  • What is Information Validation
  • How to use information Validation


What is information validation

To send out a Validation form the child must have at least one family member that has been invited to Seer and has permission to edit their child’s information. If you have not yet invited your parents to Seer, please visit our article that outlines how to do this and the benefits it provides.

These validation forms allow this family member to update several areas of the child’s info such as their address and personal information, desired hours, and the family unit for the child. Updating their family unit is a very powerful tool in allowing them to add individuals like grandparents to view the child’ daily journal or allow child pickup.


How to use information validation

To send a validation form you will go to the child’s profile and go to their documents section. There you will find Validation Forms subsection. This will list any of the forms that you have sent and the status of them. If the family member has not completed the form, it will display as in review still. The check mark and reviewed will show they have completed the form. Any information the family member updates will also auto-update on the child’s main profile screen as well. Note: these validation forms have a base expiration of one year. If you would like a different expiration, please notify your Seer Customer Success Representative. These filled out forms can also be exported and printed if you desire to keep them on file. Simply click the eye icon and it will take you to the form the adult completed and there is an export to PDF option in the top right.

To send out mass validation forms select multiple children from the main Child List menu and select more as your option. Select Validate info and it will send off the validation forms to any eligible family members. With a couple simple clicks, you can request updates on every child within your center!