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How to Use the Waitlist

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In this article we will cover how to use the waitlist feature in Child Care Seer. Our Waitlist feature allows you to put future enrollments on this waiting list and sort it by priority. This will be beneficial in keeping your future enrollments and their priority organized. Seer’s waitlist allows you to keep your enrollments and any relevant information together in once place where you can access it within two clicks of your Dashboard. It’s ordering system allows you to score your waiting list based on using our tagging system, or you can manually sort it how you would like. This power of flexibility allows you to keep children who need to be considered higher on the list at the top, and at a quick glance without digging through information.

1. To access our Waitlist, click on the Waitlist tab on your Dashboard.

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2. To place a child on the waitlist you must review the enrollment that has been created. You can do this either from the Booking Requests tab on the Dashboard or the enrollment within the Child’s Profile through their services section. For info about child enrollments see our video about how to enroll a child.

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3. Once reviewed, you will find the waiting list button on the bottom right corner. Click this and select the class(s) you would like to consider for this child’s enrollment. The enrollment will now be placed on the waitlist. This list is only viewable in its entirety from the Booking Requests tab.

Inside you will find the enrollment information displayed across the screen. Children can be organized several ways; you can manually set the order, time on the list, or by score. Scores can be set by adding in a preferred score and by tags the child may have assigned. For instance, if you had a new child coming in the center that wasn’t potty trained, you could attach a tag that would be pre-scored to move them up or down the list based on this. To learn more about tags, visit our article about them.

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4. The waitlist will also let you set an estimated offer date, create a note that can be easily viewed, and quickly show the child’s contact information. All these options can be viewed using the action menu at the far right of the waitlisted enrollment. Keeping all this info organized lets you quickly go through your list when a stop has opened in your center.

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Please Note: You can also visually view your centers space on any waitlisted enrollment by clicking review and opening the box in the top right corner. When you are ready to approve the enrollment, select review and choose to approve in the bottom right corner from the modal that comes up. Seer will enroll and auto-schedule the child based on the enrollment information.