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When to Use Scheduling for Adjustments to a Child's Schedule

In this training article, we will cover the right times to use scheduling to adjust a child's schedule. When you add in a child's enrollment, the schedule will update with the times the child is scheduled to be enrolled. Making adjustments to scheduling does not change the child's enrollment. Times that you will use scheduling to change events to the child's schedule is when they are going to be absent or when they are trying out a new classroom, or if they are leaving early for a certain week. This is not a permanent fix to the child's enrollment. You cannot put in a child's schedule without the child being enrolled in a program. We highly suggest using the child's profile and enrolling the child into a program, then the schedule will update. We suggest not using scheduling for changing a child's enrollment unless it is a one-day thing or a one-week thing, not long-term.