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How to Change Prices on Currently Used Programs

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To update prices on currently used programs, go to the pricing menu and the current programs will be listed. At the top of each program is the 3 dots click edit then edit the pricing of the program. On this page the program name can be changed along with the hours of the program. When you have updated the price changes, select save. 

If you need to update your current programs, you will need to clone the program first thing you are able to update pricing. If children are enrolled in the program you need to edit, you will need to first clone the program, make edits on the cloned program and then enroll children into the new cloned program and then delete the original program. First we will cover the cloning and editing piece for this. 


1. You will need to go into your pricing menu, then click on the 3 dot action menu and select clone. Clone will allow you to create the same program but make edits. 

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2. When you select clone you will then see the screen change to be able to edit the new program. 

[ Image ]

3. Fill in all the information you would like to update or change. Then click save. 

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4. After clicking save, you will see that the new program or cloned program has been added to your list of programs. After you have completed those steps, you will then click the blue enroll button and place the children from the other program you will be deleting, into the new program you just cloned. In order to enroll using the blue enroll button, you will have to make sure that each child has their desired hours set as Seer will use those hours to enroll them. Another way to move children into the new program you just created is to click on the number by the enrollment 


5. Once you click on the number of enrollments, you will get the following screen, you will then click the three dot action menu and click move, and then you can move the children into the program you just created. 

[ Image ]

Please Note: When you select move you will see this modal come up for you to select the new program. Once you have moved all of the children into the new program and you have zeros all the way across, you will then be able to delete that program. To delete the program, you will click on the 3 dot action menu and then delete.