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How to create programs

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In this training article, we will cover how to create programs and set their pricing and usage by children in your center. Programs is what you will create to handle the enrollment of children in your center. The program itself will be pricing menu under the programs section. To create your programs, you will go to the pricing menu, when you get to the pricing menu you will see a list of programs or if you have a brand new center with no programs in you will not see any programs listed and you will need to create them. 

1. To create a program, you will click on the blue create a program button.

2. After you have clicked the blue create program button, you will be directed to the screen to create your program. You will enter your program name, schedule(days and times), max use restrictions(by day or week) discount on hourly, price(by age or by days) billing cycle, and weekly price. See please note below for a more in depth explanation as to what each of these things are. 

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3. After you have set your age group, if you bill by age group, you will then select the days if you bill by days and enter in the price of the different days. 

4. Once you have the pricing complete, you will click the save button. Then you will see your program you just created in the list of programs.

Please Note: Schedule- days and time that that program is open. Most of the time this is your hours of operation.


Max use restrictions- This feature you can set a maximum number of hours per day or week a child can be in your care. If you have a maximum amount of hours, you would like children to be at your center a day or week. You should fill this in. If you have this set, and a child is over the amount you have set, they will be charged. 


Discount on  hourly- You should check this if you have visits that would likely be over your max usage. Families would get a discount on overage charges. 


Price- If you bill based on the number of days and the age of the child, you should check these boxes. 


Billing cycle- You should select if you bill daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.