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How to Create Add-On's

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In this training article, we will cover creating add-on's for programs and visits. Add-ons will be extra charges applied to the enrollment or visit when it is set up. To set up add-ons to be selected, you will want to go into the Pricing menu and go to the add-ons section

1. To add a new add-on, you will click on the blue add-on button

2. When you click the add add-on button you will have a modal come up, you will enter in the name and all the information regarding your add-on charge. Be sure to check the box next to hourly care and regular programs for the add-on and what it can be applied to. Once complete, click save.

3. After you have clicked save you will see your add-on added to the list of add-on charges. 


Please Note: applying these add-ons is taken care of during the booking of an enrollment or visit. The add-ons will appear as a list there when you are doing this for a child.