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How to Add and Edit Entries as a Director

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In this article we will cover how to add and edit entries as a director. As the director from your desktop can input entries as well as edit entries entered by a teacher from the class tablet. When a teacher adds an entry to a child's daily journal, the entry goes to the awaiting release queue, and you can edit the entry before it goes out to the family.  

1.  To edit an entry from a teacher that is in the awaiting release queue, you will simply click the arrow button near the release button and you will get a dropdown menu to edit. This will allow you make edits directly from there.

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2. If the entry has already been released and needs to be edited, you can go to your dashboard, click on family connection on the top tab and then click on entries log. Click on the 3 dot menu next to the entry you would like to edit and click on edit. 

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3. To add entries from the directors' standpoint on the desktop version of Seer, you will use the Family Connection tab at the top of you Dashbaord. Once inside, you will see entries log section blow that and will click on that. From here you can use the blue add button to add the type of entry you want and will select all children you want it to apply to. Follow the steps for the entry type you wish to create and choose to release it right away or send it to the awaiting release queue.

Please Note: Entries released from here will always be listed as from the center and not from the child's class they were in