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Look and Feel of the Class Tablet

In this training article, we will cover the class tablets. The class tablet is very helpful for the teachers. They can join classrooms, add entries to the children's daily journals and much more. 


This is what the main screen will look like on the class tablet. You will see the children checked into this class, you will see the staff check in to this class. 




When you add an entry you will click on the child individually or you will click the create button. When adding an entry by clicking on the child's profile, you will then see a drop down menu where you will click add entry. When you add entries using the blue create button, you will then select the child and the activity you are entering and then enter the activity the same way as before. 




As you see above, this will be what the steps look like when you click on the blue create button. You will select the child, then the entry, then details about the entry, then click the blue save button. 


Other entries you see above are:

  • Photo- you can send parents pictures of activities of what the child is doing.
  • Toliet- this will be all the bathroom needs, pottying, and diaper changes
  • Health- daily health checks, if children have scratches, bumps, bruises, rashes, ect.
  • Activity- if you have activities in your activity planner, they will show up for the teacher to click the activity and send to the parents that the child did that activity, along with a picture if needed. If you do not have activities in the activity planner, teachers can add notes on the activity they provided.
  • Mood- you can select the child's overall mood for the day
  • Supplies-when you need more diapers, or other supplies for the child's care. 
  • Notes- any notes you would like to share with the parents or not with the parents. 
  • Temperature - you can enter in the temperature of the child. 
  • Mark asleep-when a child goes to sleep
  • Mark wakes-when a child wakes up


That is everything on live status and putting in entries. Next we will cover what the upcoming looks like, upcoming will show who is expected to come in next, as well as letting the teachers know how long before the parents are scheduled to pick them up.


The notebook feature of the class tablet is class notes, or teacher notes, and teacher communication. Parents do not have access to these notes.



 Entries log- This feature gives you an overview of what entries have been entered for each child. This will also tell the teacher if the entry has been released or is still awaiting release.