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How to add a new adult to a child as a Parent

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Sometimes as an Adult you will want to add additional adults into the system in order to have them be able to be an authorized child pick-up or have access to your child's activities. To do this you will do the following:

  1. Log into or open Seer on your mobile app or through your web browser.
  2. From your home screen, click on your child's profile picture and go into their profile
  3. Open their Family section from the list 
  4. Click the blue Add Adult button and enter the adults information
    1. If this adult is intended to be invited to Seer, they must have an email address filled out
    2. If they will be an emergency contact, they must have at least one phone number
    3. Must be subscribed to the Daily Journal if you want them to receive your child's activities that are logged throughout the day (only if your center uses Family Connection)
  5. Click save and you will be taken back to the Family section on your child's profile
  6. If you have more than one child, scroll down to the siblings section and go into their profile and follow steps 3-5. Do this for each child you want to add the adult to as Seer can have adults related on a per child basis.

If you wish for any adults to be invited to the system after you have added them in, contact your center's admin and let them know you have added an adult to your child and you wish for them to be invited to Seer. They will be able to complete that step from their side.

Show below is an example where an adult is added to two children in a Family