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I want to switch a child's program

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I Want to Switch a Child's Program on Mobile

When you want to switch a child's program in Seer we call it a move. To do this, you will want to go to the child's profile. You can go to the child list and use the search box to quickly find this child.

Once you have found the child you want to move, you will do the following:

1. Go into the child's profile and scroll down to the enrollments and recurring visits and tap this.

2. On the program you want to move, you will click on the 3-dot action menu and select move

3. Choose the new program you want to switch the child to and change any information you wish to change. The child's expected days and hours will carry over for the new program. The date will auto change to the next weeks services, so change this if you want a different date. If the child is changing their room and you haven't changed their home class yet on their profile, you will want to do this as well as Seer will auto-schedule them into this class.

4. Click review and make sure that the information is correct. If they have assistance already, it will carry over to the new program. 


5. Click update if you want this move to be approved right away. If you wish to review and approve later, you may click request.