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I want to view families on mobile

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I Want to View Families on Mobile

To view families on mobile you must do so through a child as Seer centers around each child. To view a child's family unit you will find the child you want on the child list. You may use the search box to quickly find a child.

Once you have found the child you want to view you will do the following:

1. Open up the child's profile and scroll down to the Family section and tap this.

2. Review information about which individuals are associated with this child. Each person will have their profile picture and name and how they are related. Tapping any of these will redirect you to their profile. If they have a 3-dot action menu to the right of their name, there will be a list of actions you can take from here. Adults will have permissions for this child displayed below their name. If there are none present, this adult has no permissions for this child.