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I want to disenroll a child on mobile

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I Want to Disenroll a Child on Mobile

To disenroll a child on your mobile device, you will go to the child list from the hamburger menu and find the child you wish to disenroll. You can use the search box to help you find the child. 

Once you have found the child, you will do the following:
1. go into the child's profile and scroll down to the enrollments and recurring services section and tap this

2. next to the enrollment you wish to end, tap on the 3-dot action menu and select disenroll.

3. Select the date you wish to disenroll the child on. It will default to the next date of services to be generated, but you can select the current date. You may prorate the final week if you choose a mid-week date. 

4. choose to either request the disenrollment for approval later or approve right away with the disenroll button. You will be redirected back to the child's enrollments and recurring visits section.