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I want to adjust a child's schedule on mobile

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I Want to Adjust a Child's schedule on Mobile

To adjust a child's schedule on mobile you will go to the child list from the Hamburger menu and find the child you wish to edit. You may use the search box to quickly find the child.

Once you have found the child, you will do the following:

1. go into the child's profile and scroll down to a schedule summary and tap this.

2. This will bring you into the child's schedule for the week.

3. Find the day you wish to adjust for the child and tap on this day. You will have the option to edit this assignment, unassign them from their current class, or move to absent.

Editing assignment: this will allow you to change the hours this child is assigned in their current class. They must have an enrollment or visit scheduled to increase this timeframe. If you cut it short, the time missing from their service will be moved to unplanned or absent when you are prompted to what to do with this time.

Unassign: this will move the child out of the class and into unplanned for the time they have services scheduled in your center. You may then tap on this and assign them to a new class.

Move to absent: This will move the child to planned absent. You will be prompted to select a reason from the list provided and add any comments you desire.