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How to Invite Staff to Seer

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In this article you will learn how to invite your Staff to the system and how it can improve your center.
Staff who are invited to Seer will have their own profile to log in and use the system. As Seer has unlimited number of profiles that can be used you can invite all your staff members to use Seer for your center. This will allow the staff members to be able to check their schedules and make changes to their personal info should it change at the most basic levels. It will also allow them to be notified of any changes that would happen to their schedule if you do not use set schedules. The Staff member must have an email entered in the personal information to be invited to Seer. Their status of invite will be displayed in the list on the Staff menu

Each Staff member will have a certain level of use in the system based upon their level of permission that is assigned to them. For example, a Teacher wouldn’t have the ability to do much more than check children in and out and view family information within the system beyond their basic profile stuff, while an Assistant Director could do just about anything but editing your centers information and settings. To view these permissions, they are found in you your centers settings under the Roles and Permissions section. Having each staff member capable of using the system and viewing their schedules allows you to spend less time running around to alert your staff of schedule changes.

To invite your staff, you will go to the Staff list menu and use the action menu. Use Send Invitation to have Seer send off the invitation. They will be able to sign in from the email with their email address being their sign in.

If a staff member needs to have their access to Seer restricted you will be able to do this from the same Action. You must be a Center Director to restrict access to staff. You will find this ability in the same area of the invite using the action menu from the Staff menu list. You will be able restore access through this same way. To remove staff from the system, use deactivate.

Please Note: You need to use the deactivate staff method when staff are no longer working at your center. Entering a separation date on their profile does not deactivate them.