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In this article we will cover the Entries Log and how you can use it to review Family Connection information in your center.

In this article you will learn about the following:

  • What is the Entries Log?
  • Where can I find the Entries Log
  • How to use the Entries Log


What is the Entries Log?

The Entries log is a place where you can find all the entries that you or your teachers have created for children and sent out to parents. These will be all the items that are used under the children section of creating an entry if you are looking at a class tablet. Items such as a Nap Time or a child's check-in are counted as Happenings and will not be included on this list. Examples of what will be included here would items like a toilet, food or mood entry. 

Please Note: Please see your Happenings log if you are looking for items like a Nap Time or Playground that effect the entire class. 


Where can I find the Entries Log?

To find your Entries log you will want to start on your Dashboard. In the top row of tabs, click on the one that says Family Connection. In the sub tabs that are shown, choose the Entries log to go into it. 


How to use the Entries Log

To use the Entries log most effectively, you will want to apply filters. There are two filters that you can find on this page. The first is the one to the right of the blue Add button and will allow you to select which specific entries you want to view from the list. The second is the filter button to the far right (the square with three lines and a dot on each one) where you can filter down by class, listed as location, or by child. 

With these filter you are able to filter down any type of information you may need to find such as all entries of a certain type by classroom or child. You can also use the date picker to go back and look at any previous information for a different date if you would need too. 

Please Note: The blue Add button will also allow you to create and add entries to a child directly from here if you need. Just keep in mind that the location for such entries will be from the center if you do not specify a class for the child when creating this entry.