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How to Make Updates on Your Child's Profile Using the Child Care Seer App

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This article will show you how to edit your child's profile using the Child Care Seer App. 

In this article you will learn about the following:

  • How to edit a child's personal information. 
  • How to add and edit an adults information in your child's profile. 


How to Edit a Child's Personal Information in The Child Care Seer App

There are two ways you can access your child's profile. From the main menu as you would access your profile, or from your profile page. 




Once you select your child's profile, you can edit your child's personal information by tapping on the button that reads edit personal information, make the changes needed and hit save. 

To add or make changes to an adult on your child's profile, tap on the family button. 

Please Note: You can only edit the profile information of an adult who is not a child manager. If that adult is also a child manager, their profile can only be edited by either themselves or the center's administration.



Fill in the boxes for the information needed, and tap save when complete. 

Please Note: Only Child Management adults can edit or change adults on a child's profile.