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What to do when an ACH verification fails

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If you have tried to setup your ACH account and it has failed verification three times it will lock you out from using that account you have entered. For general setup of an ACH account please see our article listed below. You will be able to still use this account to make payments within Seer, but will need to delete the current one you have entered and redo the setup. There will be two options you can use during the verification of your ACH account:

Using Plaid
The fastest and easiest way to do a verification is to use the Plaid option. Most larger banks will allow you to use this and will redirect you to a secure link through your bank and allow you to do this verification instantly without waiting for deposits to be made and used for verification. If your bank doesn't support this option or it isn't allowing a setup, you'll need to use the manual method below.

Manual Verification
If you will do the manual verification you will need to wait until Stripe has done two small deposits into your account to come back to Seer and click the blue verify button. Once you have these you can do the manual verification. When you do this you will need to input the amounts as they were first deposited into your account by time. The first one and its amount will go into the top box. The second one will go into the bottom box. Please take care in entering these as if it fails the three times again you will need to start the process over!! If you have double checked your amounts and it said the amounts have failed, you may want to reverse them if you are not sure which was deposited first for your second attempt. The reason for this is each bank displays account info differently and the one that is listed first on your account list may actually be the second deposit that came in. 

Notes: Please do not add these two deposits together when entering your amounts for verification. The amounts entered in the two boxes must match what was put in your account in the correct order or it will fail. 

For the purpose of the verification, you will see some form of withdrawal. You can ignore this for the verification process as it is just them pulling out the money they deposited to get the account verified. This will likely be a single transaction for the total of the two deposits, but can vary from bank to bank.


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