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How to set up Credit Cards to Pay for Services

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Credit Cards are one of the many ways to make payments within Seer. They offer simple and quick ways to make payments, set up auto payments, and take care of any types of unpaid charges. Cards are able to be used by adults invited to Seer on their profile in order to make payments themselves without you having to take care of them. You can also have any credit card fees passed along to parents if your area allows it. Cards can be entered by any adult the first time they do a wallet load or make a payment if they are not in the system yet. When making the payment, they will simply choose card as the payment option and then they will be prompted to fill out their card information. Once this has been done, they will be able to use this card for any and all payments within Seer until it either expires or is removed. To add a credit card to an adults profile for use, follow these steps:

1. Open the parent profile and click on the money tab

[ Image ]

2. Payment methods

[ Image ]

3. Click on blue add credit card button

[ Image ]

4. Enter in payment information

[ Image ]

Please Note: Cards can also be set up for Program Enrollment or for Universal Autopay. These allow the card to be charged overnight when these charges are generated in the system. This is an easy set and forget method that adults can use to make sure their children always have their services paid for. 

If an adult ever wants their card removed from the system, they will be able to use the drop down menu on their profile's finances section. Any types of automatic payments and loads can also be managed from their Money tab under the Automatic payments section.