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How to Pay for Services Using Cash, checks or Money order

Seer allows payments to be made with cash, checks and money orders for services. These methods of payment can only be used on unpaid services that are already in the system and not yet paid. They cannot be set up for any kind of automatic payments and the payments must be processed by a center employee with permissions to process payments. All of them will update the information within Seer as a successful payment when used. All of these items are selected for the payment method when using the payment modal. 

Cash can be used for any number of payments all together to cover unpaid services. They will always succeed immediately and be listed as a cash payment on any reporting as well as the center employee who made payment. As a note, when refunds may need to be issued on these types of payments, we recommend refunding to the adult or child wallet. 

Checks and Money Orders
These two payments methods will succeed right away like cash payments. The only difference is that they have an additional field when entering your payment method to enter their reference number. This will be displayed on payment information reports throughout the system for a quick reference.

Please Note: These methods of payments are only available to be made by staff members. Parents will only have the option to use credit cards and ACH from their portals when making payments.