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Check-out Despite Unpaid Services

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In this training article we will cover a setting in the kiosk settings that will allow your families to check out even if they have unpaid services. 

In this article you will learn about the following:

  • Check out despite unpaid services


Check out despite of unpaid services

If you would like to allow your parents to check out despite of unpaid services you will simply go into your center settings, then devices & kiosk, then settings. Once you are in your devices & kiosk settings you will see that you have some options here for different things, the second one down will allow your families to check in their child with out paying unpaid services. However if those children occur a charge during the day (late pick up fee, going over enrollment hours, ect. ) they will not be able to check out and get away with not paying those services. In the event that happens, the kiosk will still block their checkout and they will need to visit the front desk for checkout of their children.








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