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How to Use Availability

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In this training article, we will cover how to use availability. Availability is a very useful tool to use when you are considering enrolling a child. Availability will tell you how many spaces you have available in the classroom, it will also tell you the hours you have available. To access availability, click on the availability tab from any page you are on in your Dashboard area and it will take you straight there .


In this article you will learn about the following:

  • What is the purpose of the availability tool
  • How to use the availability tool 
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What is the purpose of the availability tool

This is how availability looks. You can see the different shades of green at the bottom of your screen. The darker the green, the more space you have available, the lighter the color the less spaces you have available. When you move your mouse over the colors, it will tell you how many spots you have available in each class. The amount of spaces you have available in each class is based on the max number of students you have set for a room or class, how many teachers you have scheduled to work in the classroom, as well as how many children you already have enrolled into the classroom. You can enroll directly from this screen, you can add to your waitlist from this page. In order to enroll from this page, the child will need to have a profile in Seer.


How to use the availability tool

When enrolling directly from the availability screen, on the right side of the screen you will see the browse available slots, click on the context box and select program enrollment from the drop-down menu. After clicking program enrollment, you will select the child and you can either choose request, waitlist, or enroll. As mentioned before, this is incredibly helpful when enrolling and scheduling children to ensure you have the space for that child to join your center. Once a child is selected, it will show you only the class availability based on the age of the child. The availability feature tells me there are plenty of spaces available for this child to be enrolled. You will then select the program. After you have selected the program, you will then select the days and hours the child will attend, start date and assign them to a class. Then you can select request, waitlist, or enroll. When you have entered the days and hours, the availability will look like this for you to ensure there is availability in that window of time for the child. As you can see with the hours selected for the child just enrolled, the blue shaded area overlaps with the green areas to show if you have the availability for the times selected.