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How to Change an adult's authorization from the desktop

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When you need to change an adults authorization in Seer with regards to a child you are changing their permissions with relation to the child.


To do so you will need to do the following from the adult list:


1. Search the adult you wish to change and go into their profile by tapping on it

[ Image ]

2. Scroll down to children and tap to open the children they are associated with

[ Image ]

3. Tap the child you wish to change their permissions with and go into that child's profile

[ Image ]

4. Scroll down to family and open and find the adult and tap on the 3-dot action menu to the right of their profile picture and name and choose edit relation


[ Image ]

5. Add or remove the permissions you want them to have by selecting the check boxes by each permission. Note: you must change Child Management if you are removing things and do not want them to log in and change back themselves.


6. Click Update relation and their permissions for this child will be updated.