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How to delete an adult from the desktop

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In Seer you never actually delete a profile, you just deactivate them. To deactivate an adult in your center, you will find the adult you wish to deactivate in the list. You can use the search function to quickly find this adult.
Once you have found the adult you wish to deactivate:

1. click the 3-dot action menu to the right of their name

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2. Select the deactivate option and you will be asked if you wish to proceed.

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3. Click the pink deactivate button and the adult will be removed from the list and unable to access their account.

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Please Note: you can always restore an adult by using the filter button in the top right and filtering by deactivated and using the action menu on this adult to restore. If you are deactivating a family, deactivating the child first will deactivate any adult that is only associated with that child as well.