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How to Upload Documents

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In this Article you will learn how to upload and use documents within Seer. This tool will allow you to have all your documents organized with each child and staff member. This will allow quick and easy access to any documents needed as they are all on one place with everyone. Seer also allows expirations to be put on any document, so you are warned when both the expiration is upcoming and when it has expired. Parents and Staff members who have been invited to Seer will be able to upload documents through their portal. This allows adults to upload any document right from their home without them having to bring it in. These documents will be able to be exported and printed for your licensing needs with ease from Seer.


In this article you will learn about the following:

  • How to upload documents
  • How to know when documents are expiring
  • How to pull reports to know when documents are expiring 


How to upload documents

To upload a document you will go to the Profile of the individual and select the documents section. The Documents section will allow you to upload and view any documents for this individual while the archived section will be for any old documents that you have moved out from this area, but still needed to keep. When uploading the document you will browse for the document that has been uploaded onto the computer or mobile device (it can even be a picture taken of it), choose an expiration date if desired, and set whether it will be private to staff viewing or not.

How to know when documents are expiring

When a document is set to expire soon Seer will give a yellow triangle warning and a red one when the document is past expiration. These warnings will also show on the documents section on the individual’s profile. It also appears next to their name when viewed in list form. You can also view all these expiring documents from the reports section via the expirations section.



How to run reports showing expiring documents 

To run a report of expired documents you will need to go into your reports menu. When you are in reports you will see on the side menu expirations, when you click on expirations you will choose from three different expiration reports. You can choose either family, staff, or validation forms. When you run the report you can just view it on the screen or you can export and either print or save on your computer


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