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How to correct check-in's and check-outs for children

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In this training article you will learn how to correct children check-ins & check-outs. There is two ways to do this. The first way is going to be in the child's profile. Select the child you need to adjust their time to open their profile.

Through the child's profile

1. When you have opened their profile you will see the family connection tab, when you click on that tab you will then see happenings. 

2. When you open happenings you will see the any of the child's check-ins or outs as well as any of the child's join classroom actions. 

3.  To change or add anything you will simply click the blue Add button to add a new action such as a check-out. 

Note: If you simply need to edit a time on something, you can click the 3-dot action menu to the far right of the line and make any edits needed.

Through Attendance report

Another way to correct a child's check in and check outs is right on the dashboard you will see tabs at the top, one will say attendance if you click on that, it will give you a list of all the children's check ins and outs for the day. If one is not correct you will:

1. Under the check-out column, you can click any time and edit it. If a child is missing a check-out, they will have an add in place of where their checkout time is listed at.


Please Note: You can also get to the child's happenings page to use the first flow by clicking on the blue Go to Happenings button to the far right of the child's name.