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Using the Wallet

In this article we will cover how to use the wallet inside Child Care Seer.

In this article you will learn about the following:

  • What are wallets
  • How to upload money into wallets
  • How to make payments from wallets


What are wallets

Wallets are a place where funds can be stored within the system for payment use at a later point in time. They are also a place where a center can issue out any credits to be used as well. Once funds are placed into these wallets they can be used to pay for any services within the system. Both Children and Adults will have their own separate wallets within Seer. The child's wallet can only be used to pay for items related to that specific child, while an adult's wallet can be used to pay for any children they are related to and have the ability to make payments for.

Please Note: When viewing any payment information related to wallets, please view the wallet tab inside the Money section of the profile that is connected to that specific wallet


How to upload money into a wallet

To upload money into a wallet, you will want to go to the profile and find the load button where wallet info is displayed. Click on the wallet balance and it will bring up the screen to allow you to do a wallet load. Once the money has been processed, you will see the funds show up in your wallet balance and be able to make payments in the system with these funds.

Please Note: If you are using an ACH account to load money into a wallet, please be aware that the processing time for these payment types can take several days. This will mean that the funds will not show as available and in your wallet right after you have made the payment. It will show and become available for use only after this processing has fully completed. This may mean that you will even see the funds coming out of your account and still not available in Seer yet as it has not finished it's processing over into your center's account.



How to make payments from a wallet

When you are making a payment on a service and you want to use a wallet, bring up the service you want to make payment on and under the payment type, select the wallet to use to have the money come out of it. In the event that you are applying a partial payment because you do not have enough funds in the wallet to fully cover the service amount, you can change the amount in the Amount box as long as it is a single service. If you had selected multiple services, they must be paid in full and cannot have partial payments applied.


Please Note: If you have a large amount of funds available in a wallet and wish to use them to pay for items automatically, you can always visit your Money section and go to the automatic payments section. While there, choose the child who will have an automatic payment setup for them and choose the wallet as the payment type to have it take the funds out from there. Be aware that once the money is depleted from the wallet, any future payments will fail until either money has added into the wallet or the automatic payment has been turned off or changed to a different payment type.