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Staff Permissions

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In this training article we will cover what staff permissions are, how to set staff permissions and where to find and what are each permission.


In this article you will learn about the following:

  • what are staff permissions?
  • how to set staff permissions
  • where to find and what are each permission. 


What are staff permissions

Staff permissions on Seer is a way to limit different staff members from seeing everything. Staff permissions allow you as a director to be able to set which staff members get to see which information on Seer. 


How to set staff permissions

To set the permissions for each of your staff. You will open the staff profile and above the staffs profile picture you will see an arrow pointing down you will select edit role information. When you select that a modal will come up, you will select which role you would like to set for your staff member. 

Please Note: When setting these permissions, if you choose the custom permission selection, it will override and not include whatever their normal permission is set at. For combining permissions, please select all that will apply.

Example: if you wish to set a Center Admin as having access to Curriculum manager permissions, you must select both the center admin and curriculum permission when assigning the custom permissions. Even if their core permission is already set as one of these two.



Where to find and what are each permission

Where to find each permissions for staff you will go to My Center>roles & permissions groups> select Roles or permission groups to see the bigger picture. 


Below are the different permissions/roles and a quick summary of what they can do in a center within Seer.

Superuser: Superusers can do anything and see all information throughout the system

Center Director: Directors can do anything within the system like a superuser. The only thing a director cannot do is see the pay rate information of other staff members. If you wish your directors to be able to see this, give them superuser access or combine with Human Resources.

Assistant Directors: Assistant directors can also do almost anything within the system. The only things they cannot do from their level is making edits to a center's info or settings or have the ability to deactivate a staff member


Center Admins: Center Admins can be used to help with things like processing payments and have the ability to use the center messaging for other staff and families. They also have the ability to log in and out class devices and kiosks. While a Center Admin can see see staff info, they cannot act on it. They also cannot approve an enrollment or visit for a child, but they can request it.

Accountants: Accountants will have access to all financial info and ability to take action on it. Like a Center Admin, they can see staff info and request enrollment, but cannot take any further actions with these items. They will not have ability to log in new devices.

Human Resources: This permission gives access to anything that deals with staff at all levels and the ability to use any actions within staff settings. They will have family viewing, but cannot take any actions with adults or children.

Teaching Staff: your most common permission, teachers can check children in and out provided they do not have unpaid services. They can also see all family info and can use limited messaging if you grant them permission to do so. 

Non Teaching staff: with this permission, staff can see family info, but are no longer approved to watch children generally and cannot check a child in or out anymore. Use this permission when you need someone like a cook to have access to child info for any allergy tags, but not set the food menu up themselves.

Curriculum Manager: This is an upgraded teaching staff permission that has the ability to create and make edits to the activity planner where any curriculum is stored within Seer

Kitchen Manger: A non-teaching staff permission with ability to create and edit the food menu for a center.


Time Only: This permission level only gives access to their own profile and Center info page.