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Reports: Allergies

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In the reports section you will find the allergy reports.  Seer provides 2 different options for exporting the report. All children with an allergy tag will be displayed on this report. 

In this article you will learn about the following:

  • Allergy Report
  • Export Styles


How to Access the Allergy Report:

In order to access the Allergy report, click on the reports tab from the left side menu. Click on the Allergies tab to display the allergy report. 

Please Note: Allery reports contain personal and confidential information.


Exporting your Allergy Report:

To export your allergy report to print, click on export and select the option you want to print.  If you select export as PDF, you will get a report that displays the children's names, home class and allergy. 

Please Note: This report may be contain personal and confidential information.


You can also export a full allergy report that will contain parent and emergency contact information. 

Please Note: This report can contain personal and confidential information