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Subsidy Billing Update for Virginia Customers

The Virginia Department of Social Services is reinstating a monthly Family Co-Pay effective January 1,2023. With the official announcement of this just being released 12/3/2022, Child Care Seer has looked at how we currently support subsidy billing and payments, by way of Tuition Assistance, and is actively working on a permanent solution to help you manage this change efficiently and effectively.

In order to be able to bill your Subsidy families correctly, you will need to follow the workaround we have created. From the child's profile page you will need to add a new charge. Do not apply this charge to the service directly. 

From here select add charge-

Select Custom Charge from the drop down menu.  Please make sure that your custom charge name ends in TA23. Fill in the appropriate information. If you are applying this charge for the current month, the charge will show as unpaid until the family pays the balance.

 Adding TA23 to the end of the Custom Charge name is important to make it easily identifiable in your financial reporting so that Seer can correct your reports automatically when we release a permanent solution. This workaround will be in place until our Tuition Assistance update is released.