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Messages and the Awaiting Release Queue

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In this training article, we will cover messages that are sent to the Awaiting Release Queue. These messages will be able to be viewed from here for a short time period before they are sent out to adults from your centers inbox.

In this article you will learn about the following:

  • What message go to this queue
  • What actions you can take with them

What types of messages go into the Awaiting Release Queue

Messages that are sent from class tablets and teachers that are subscribed to classes are always sent to the Awaiting Release Queue. This will include any reply's that are made to existing threads. Messages sent from the Center inbox from staff with high enough permission to use will also have a checkbox that when unchecked will send messages there as well. Any messages within the queue that do not have any action taken on them will end up being released at the end of their countdown.

What Actions can I take with these messages?
Within the queue you will find your messages showing with a green bubble around them to show them differently from your class entries (shown in blue). Like entries, these messages can be released, put on hold, edited or deleted. you can view the full contents of the message by using the carrot to open it up. If a message is put on hold, it will remain there until you release or delete it.