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How to parents can send messages to their children's teachers

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In this training article, we will cover how parents send messages to their child's teachers. When a parent needs to send a message to teachers, they will have the option to message the teachers in the classroom. If your classrooms have multiple teachers, that message will go to all the teachers subscribed to that classroom. They will click on message center and then see the following modal come up.

1. Choose teachers as the place they will send the message

[ Image ]

2. Choose their topic and if they have more than one child, they may choose which child they are sending the message about.

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3. Compose their message and add any attachments or photos they want to send with the message. Once finished they will click Send

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Please Note: The adults do not actually message the individual teacher in this method, they are messaging the child's class. All teachers within the classroom will be able to at least see the message from the class tablet.