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I Want to Deactivate a Staff Member on Mobile

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I Want to Deactivate a Staff Member on Mobile

1. Go to the staff list from the hamburger menu on the top left corner and then find the profile of the staff member. You may quickly search for a staff member with the search box.

2. Tap the 3-dot action menu to the right of the staff members profile picture and name and choose Deactivate.

3. It will ask you if your sure you wish to deactivate this staff, click the pink Deactivate button and their profile will be moved to the deactivated staff list. If this staff member has been invited to Seer, this will lock them out of their portal.

Please Note: Profiles are never actually deleted out of Seer. If you ever need to access this profile, you can set the filter at the top (to the left of the help icons) to deactivated and get the list of deactivated staff from your center.