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I want to add a sibling discount

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To add a sibling discount you will need to do the following:

1. In your Pricing menu, you will go the Charges & Credits section

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2. Use the blue Add button and choose a credit

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3. Set up your credit with a name and amount you want it to apply to. If you are going to use it for both enrollments and hourly visits, make sure the box is checked for regular programs and visits.

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4. Choose if it will be a recurring credit if you are applying it to a child's enrollment and click save.

5. To apply it to a child, you will need to go to their profile and update their enrollment by selecting the 3-dot action menu next to their enrollment info in the bottom right of their profile and choosing Update.

6. Find the new sibling credit at the bottom of the enrollment info and check the box. Make sure you select the date you want it to start applying it from. Seer will default this date to the next billing cycle.

7. click save and it will update all future pricing for the child.

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Please Note: If you choose to apply this credit with a past date when updating the enrollment and the parents have already paid the service. Seer will put the credits into the child's wallet to be used from there.