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I want to set up my child ratios

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Seer has ratios set as the most common among the different states by default, but your state may be different. To set up your child to teacher ratios you will do the following

1. Go to your Center Settings and choose the Ratios & Rooms section. This will drop you on the ratios portion.


2. Click the edit button and you can start to change your ratios. If you wish to add an additional ratio, use the add ratio button.

Please Note: When setting your ratios, you cannot have any overlaps or gaps with other ratios. Gaps will be created if the starting ratio of one age group is not the same as a ending one of another ratio. 


3. Set your age groups and the number of children a single teacher can watch for this age group. If you have too many ratios, you can delete one by using the trashcan icon to remove it.